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About Mike's Mobile Mics

Michael B. Broadhurst, a professional instrumentalist and singer himself for many years, is the Mike of Mike's Mobile Mics. He began his career as a saxophonist and sound technician in rock bands (long, long ago . . .) and participated in the recording and mastering of his band's recordings. His tenure in the U.S. Army's Continental Army Band was as both a Special Bandsman (woodwinds) and as the resident sound and recording engineer. Michael has recorded everything from individual audition demos to full operas; from string quartets and harp duos to symphony orchestras and Big Bands; from church choirs to professional 100-voice choruses.
If you perform live, we can capture the experience.

I like it real

I decided to operate my business as a mobile recording facility because I like it real. I like to faithfully record sounds as they are produced, where they are produced. I know that almost all of today's Pop music is a product of studio synthetics and I applaud the talented engineers who can make electronics sound like music. However, I prefer music produced by humans and I prefer it in real time. Yes, I have the capability of multitrack recording and I can correct bad notes for soloists, but as much as possible, I prefer to record the performance just as it happened. I like to keep it real.

For those who need to produce demonstration recordings or for those small groups that want a live recording without the audience, I have access to venues with good acoustics and pianos. Contact me for details.

Michael B. Broadhurst


Mike = Michael

Mic = Microphone

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